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Ratzzz Community

Where rats come first!

Ratzzz Community
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Welcome to Ratzzz!

This is a public community for those of us who love pet rats and are interested in learning more about them! Hopefull through Ratzzz, you will be able to find exactly what you're looking for. I have provided a list of great rattie links just encase you actually aren't able to find something in particular! Just scroll down below everything else.


A few MAJOR rules of Ratzzz! Please read.

1. Do not belittle anyone's opinion. Speak your mind, but always be respectful of someone elses views as well.
2. Please don't start flame wars. For one, flaming and getting huffy is extremely immature. Another, it will get you banned from this community.
3. If you don't like rats, and are going to bash us owners for having and loving them, don't join. I've had enough people say to me, "Ewww! You own rats? You're so gross!" in real life, and I (as well as others) don't need it from people online.
4. I'm not a very patient person, and if I see a member harassing and/or abusing another member, the member at fault will be banned immediatly. I have NO time for immaturity.
5. Don't have a sailor's mouth. Cussing and swearing here is perfectly acceptable, but just don't over do it!


Show off your rats!

I love looking at other people's rats, and I'm sure most members do as well! Please, just be sure to use the lj-cut! Some people have slower modems than others, and I don't want the community page to have a slow loading process. Also, when you first scan/upload your pictures from your camera, resize them to a moderately normal size. 600x600 is the largest I'd like to see here.


Some helpful links.

Just a few links that I find helpful. For new rat owners, and of course it's always a nice read for the old-pro's who just want to keep an up-to-date look out on their little pets.

http://www.rmca.org/ --> Great for health and general help!
http://www.ratguide.com/ --> I adore this site. Great for health and general help!
http://www.rathelp.org/ --> General and health care. Also shelter listings.
http://www.ratster.com/ --> Breeder and information directory.
http://www.ratbreeding.com/ --> Thinking about breeding? Read this first.